Our Season of Service

Inspired by some friends of our family, the Marshall family has decided to try a new way of exchanging Christmas gifts in 2012. We hope it will become a wonderful family tradition.
For years, the four Marshall children, their spouses, and their parents exchanged gifts every Christmas, but in 2011, we decided the gift-giving tradition may need a change since we are all so blessed and in need of truly nothing. We decided we needed to find a better way to celebrate the true Christmas spirit.

We suggested that we each perform acts of service in the name of the sibling whose name we were assigned at random. Our service will be kept a secret until Christmas Day.

Our friend drew the names for us and notified each of us privately of the person who should inspire our service. On Christmas Day, we reveal who we were given and how we chose to serve by posting our stories on The Marshall Family Season of Service blog.

We hope this tradition will help us focus on serving our communities and each other during the annual celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

We invite you to come back to our blog on Christmas morning to read this year's service.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Scott,

I thought forever about what to do in your name this year. There are just so many needs and so many opportunities to help others, it's hard to narrow down what would be "the perfect thing." But then one day I was out cleaning stalls and thinking (It's my favorite time to think. Odd for others perhaps, but perfect for me. :) and it suddenly struck me what I could offer to the whole family!! I as thinking of all we've all experienced and accomplished in the past few years and marveling at what we have become. We've all been sealed in the temple, started families, survived school, gone out into the world and become successful in our chosen fields; we have strong marriages and strong testimonies. We serve the community and at church. I think we've all done fairly well up to this point. But then I began thinking of Mammaw and Uncle Dan and Uncle Pete and so many others. I know they're all proud of our lives, but I wish I had done more to record some of the stories and experiences from THEIR lives. I know the story of the first time Mammaw saw Pappaw, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we had it in her own words?! And what did she think when she held her first child, or how did she feel when she lost her only girl? I can imagine, but I wish I KNEW. And, I have the photos of Uncle Dan's military service, but who are the people standing there serving with him? We'll never know now. How much easier would Anthony's family history be if we had ANY records from his dad or grandfather? What lives they lived! But we have so very little. That's when it occurred to me what to do! Those opportunities are gone but we still have family members here whose lives we can begin to document. So, I gave Daddy a book with questions about his life to answer. I thought I would type them up and give each family a copy. I have done that (the typing but not the distributing), but as I was typing up his answers, I realized there is so much more that could be added to it! Stories he skipped over and answers that need more depth. I guess you could say this will be a continuing act of service for a bit as I work with Daddy to flesh out his record and figure out the best way to bind it all together for everyone to have. Merry Christmas!!

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